Monday, October 10, 2011

artistic bags

Most people might be hooked up by an artistic designs,
 this has been the drive for renz' bags to create artistic, 
attractive and quality bags that would bring an 
enduring satisfaction.
(bakal bag sa roxas city!)

Take note:prices of these bags vary in size

small  5"x4"x1"   php1000
medium  6"x5"x2"   php 1500
large  7"x6"x2"      php 2000
extra large  9"x7"x3"   php 2500

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bags coated with beads

Do you want to wear some sparkling and glamorous bags?
renz' bags is offering you at a very low prices!
What are you waiting for???? bakal bag sa roxas city...


Sparkling beads pink dots Pouch / PI and sequins bag


Glitter Beads Green Dot Pouch / GR and sequins bag


Glitter Dot Beads Pouch Brown / BR with sequins bag


Natural Beads Glitter Dot Pouch / NT and sequin bag


♪ 01 pouch with fringe beads handmade liberally


Biker popular! Indian-style Black x Red back mini Medicine (beads)


Decorative Flower] [Bejoueld Party Bag (Silver)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

heart shaped bags

Are you in love?
broken hearted? 
If yes, choose what fits on your emotion! 
Here are great selections...
(Bakal bag sa roxas city at renz' bags).
All items are 99.99 pesos only.

Monday, September 26, 2011

native bags

                 Feel the Nature.... love the nature... treasure the nature I am selling: Native Bags from roxas city!
all items below is worth 500 pesos only!(bakal bag sa roxas city..)

Native Bag for sale

Native Bags from Nature

native bags

cheap native bags

Summer Native Bags

philippines native bags manila

native bags from bicol

Bags, native bags, shoulder bags, hand bags, batik bags, buntal bags


bags made of recycled materials

This bags are made of recycled materials. This is to support the implementation of 3R's -reduce, reuse, recycle!(bakal bag sa roxas city....)buy now at  cheaper prices (php20-100).Visit renz' bags!